Go With The Flow Tool FAQ

We are excited to release our "Go With The Flow" tool in beta! Have a question? Check out the FAQ below.

What is the purpose of the Xeek “Go With The Flow” tool?

Born from Studio X’s Xeek Challenge, the “Go With The Flow” tool allows users to quickly iterate and explore fluid movement models in the subsurface through a user-friendly interface.

What was the Xeek “Go with the Flow” challenge?

The Xeek “Go With The Flow” challenge launched on June 25, 2020, and concluded on July 30, 2020. It tasked each contestant with building an agent-based model that would be used to predict the location of known hydrocarbon occurrences once the agents were released into a seismic volume. The submissions to the challenge inspired the development of the “Go with the Flow” tool.

How many contestants participated in the challenge?

There were a total of 71 competing teams who aimed to build the best model and ultimately three winners for a total prize pool of $15,000.

How did all the contestants place in the challenge?

Check out the Xeek Go With The Flow challenge’s final leaderboard here.

How were the winners of the Xeek Go With The Flow challenge selected?

The contestants all took a unique and creative approach to the challenge that really spoke to each of their backgrounds. The first-place winner was chosen because their model really outperformed the others in terms of accuracy, tracking ability, speed, configurability and quality of visualization.


How does the tool work?

To use the Xeek Go With The Flow tool, users input a seismic volume as a SEGY file, and select the parameters they would like to change, such as the time step or the number of agents released. The tool then shows a gif of how the agents accumulate within the seismic.

*Don't have a 2D SEGY file?  You can use our sample file.




How has the Xeek team worked to develop the tool into what it is today?

The Xeek team incorporated elements from various aspects of the winning team’s solutions and the internal expert data science team optimized the model. Additionally, Xeek’s design team created a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily modify their test parameters, while the engineering team ensured that the tool is secure and scalable.

How does the Xeek “Go With The Flow” tool differ from similar tools in today’s market?

Although there are tools that have similar functions, the Xeek “Go With The Flow” tool prioritizes an incredible user experience and a flexible business model that does not require any upfront commitment.

How can I start using this tool?

Sign up for beta access on xeek.ai/tools.



Does the tool cost money?

Xeek Tools, such as the Xeek Go With The Flow tool are currently free for beta users.

What’s next?

Xeek plans to release more tools soon. The “Keep Geoscience Weird” challenge was an open-ended visualization challenge that asked participants to use any programming language they wanted to analyze any geoscience data of interest. Its output will inspire a data visualization tool that is currently in development.